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Thu Oct 23 2014

Art and Design

Creative development is an important part of school life and the imaginative and attractive displays throughout the school show the importance and value given to each child’s work. In the Nursery and Lower School, Art and Design is integrated into the whole curriculum and is taught by the Form Teacher. Alongside the basic skills and techniques, children are encouraged to illustrate written work, make models and sculptures, explore many forms of visual communication using a wide variety of materials and to plan and then realise their ideas successfully.

In the Middle and Upper School, Art and Design is taught by a specialist teacher in a purpose-built and well equipped studio. The carefully structured course allows for experimentation and innovation and, as the girls mature and develop, an increasing variety of materials and techniques are used. In their final year the girls have the opportunity to work with an Artist in Residence. In the Middle and Upper School there are annual visits to selected Museums and Galleries. The Art specialist works closely with other staff and supports many areas of the curriculum.