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Thu Oct 23 2014

Employment Vacancies

Warwick Preparatory School, with over 100 members of staff, is a special place to work, whether you join us in a teaching or support staff role. Set amongst 50 acres and sharing a site with Warwick School, we are within the town of Warwick, close to the famous castle and adjacent to the River Avon. We have our own Astro-Turf, Nursery, Music School, Science Labs, Art Room and Design Technology workshop, as well as two ICT rooms and and extensive network of computers and interactive whiteboards across the school.  We are fortunate in having such outstanding facilities on our own site, but we are also able to to make regular use of those of our brother and sister schools, Warwick and King's High.  These include a huge sports centre, a swimming pool, professional theatre, a performing and creative arts centre and extensive sports pitches.

Teachers here are hardworking, gifted individuals who inspire pupils with their enthusiasm, dedication and subject knowledge, and willingly contribute to the school's extensive extra-curricular programme. The support staff at Warwick Preparatory School offer exceptional service and dedication and as such are an integral  and vital part of the school community. We offer a wide range of opportunities, including administrative, supervisory, domestic and catering roles.

All current vacancies will automatically appear on this page.  We also advertise in both local and national papers.

If you are interested in working at Warwick Prep please go to our section of the Eteach website and add yourself to our talent pool! Click here.

For vacancies at King's High click here.

For vacancies at Warwick School click here.