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Other charges

Educational Visits

Each year group has a number (usually two) educational visits during the course of the year.  Charges for these are normally between £10 and £20 per trip and these are charged in arrears to the termly fee account.  Parents are informed of the cost of these visits before the children participate.

Residential Visits

Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 are invited to take part in a residential visit during the course of the year.  Although optional, these are considered to be very important aspects of the academic year.  Charges are kept as low as possible and normally paid in advance either in full or by instalment.

Travel Insurance Information

Please see below for further information regarding Travel Insurance.

Travel Policy Booklet

Travel Policy Summary

Travel Insurance Information for Parents

Optional Mid-morning Milk 

Milk is available to purchase through Coolmilk, all orders being handled online direct with Coolmilk. A fresh carton of milk is delivered daily to the children at break time.