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Aims & Ethos

Statement of Ethos

We place great emphasis on a broad and inclusive education, in a nurturing and supportive environment, whilst striving for excellence in all that we do.

In celebrating each girl and boy for the unique qualities they bring to our community, we encourage them to explore and develop their interests, gain confidence in themselves and in their abilities, and seize the rich opportunities life offers.

We seek to prepare all our boys and girls for a life of learning and fulfilment, and for the fast-changing world of the 21st century as responsible, active, and compassionate global citizens.

In all that they do, we encourage our children to 'Aspire, Achieve, Enjoy', and to be the best that they can be. 

Statement of Religious Ethos

Founded on Christian principles, we welcome pupils of all faiths and none.  King's High School and Warwick Preparatory School are committed to enhancing the contribution we can make to society as a whole, and, in embracing diversity, to equal opportunities for all.  

To achieve this aim the school will:

1. Creativity and Curiosity

To foster a love of learning that promotes creativity, curiosity and independent thinking.

  • Approach our learning with inquisitive minds and be creative and imaginative in how we will apply our learning
  • Be persistent, taking risks in a safe learning environment and fostering a growth mindset
  • Be receptive to new ideas and new skills, prioritising creative and innovative thinking to become a realistic problem solver

2. Community and Social Responsibility

To support our community and demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility.

  • Volunteer to help others, both inside and outside school, to show an active commitment to making change happen
  • Be proactive in sharing empathy, kindness and understanding in our work to support others in and beyond our community
  • Take responsibility for protecting our planet, raising awareness, and respecting our environment

3. Character and Confidence

To promote the character development of every pupil to enable them to be resilient, building confidence, integrity and courage.

  • Show respect to one another and to our environment, being brave and seeking to embrace opportunities
  • Contribute to our school’s culture of kindness, gratitude and integrity
  • Practice honesty and resilience in our approach to school life

4. Wellbeing and Happiness

To prioritise the wellbeing and happiness of every member of our school community.

  • Seek to bring joy and happiness to our school community and to the lives of others, valuing every individual for who they are
  • Promote lifelong healthy living and prioritise everybody’s mental and physical health
  • Through our physical and emotional environment, take every opportunity to support and strengthen our wellbeing

5. Opportunities and Futures

To provide a stimulating and inspiring school experience, where our pupils can explore and develop their interests and skills to ensure they are future-ready.

  • Embrace challenge and change, and be innovative and forward-thinking in our approach to our learning
  • Develop our interests and widen our knowledge of choices that can be made in the future
  • Embrace a breadth of opportunities to develop our knowledge, skills and character for life