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Daily Timetable

Time Activity
7.45 School open for drop-off (free supervision for all pupils)
8.40-8.50 Registration - children should be in school by 8.40 and must be in school by 8.50
8.55 Assembly
9.20 Lessons Begin
10.20 Break
10.40 Lessons
11.45 Nursery Lunch
12.00 Reception Lunch
12.10 Lower School Lunch
12.40 Middle and Upper School Lunch
1.10 Afternoon Lessons for Pre-Prep
1.40 Afternoon Lessons for Prep
3.30 End of school day for Pre-Prep
3.45 End of school day for Prep
4.00 After School Care and Activities begin
5.00 After School Activities end
5.45 After School Care ends




Please note that these are typical times but there is some variation for particular activities.