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Anti-Bullying Week

This week, we have been supporting the Anti-Bullying Alliance Campaign – Make A Noise About Bullying. As Warwick Prep's Wellbeing Ambassadors, we have been super busy organising events for all our pupils to take part in and on Monday we launched the campaign with our very own assembly.

Bullying is never ok. It is a cruel and a horrible thing to do to someone. Everyone at Warwick Prep has a ‘Personal Network’ with trusted adults they can go and speak to. No one deserves to experience bullying behaviour, so speak out and seek support’. The Wellbeing Ambassadors

On Wednesday we held a number of ‘Wellbeing Wednesday Events’.

• Before school we organised a One Mile Walk where we encouraged all pupils to walk eight laps of the main playground which is approximately equivalent to one mile. Pupils who completed eight laps were rewarded with a very special sticker.

• The assembly was totally devoted to ‘Singing and Dancing Time’. Everyone came together for a feel-good assembly where lots of singing and dancing took place to raise spirits and start the day in a positive and friendly way.

• Earlier in the week, all pupils were asked to think of something nice to say about one person in their class and write it down on the ‘compliments slip’ we designed. Everybody took take their compliments slip outside with them at breaktime on and handed it to their person to make them smile.

• The staff did not set homework and instead encouraged pupils to complete a Wellbeing Wednesday Task from our ‘Self-care Toolkit’. We sent parents an email too to help support and get involved. On the toolkit, there were a range of activities for all members of our school community to take part in. Thank you to those parents who sent in photos and messages of what Wellbeing Wednesday Tasks their child took part in.

During the course of the week, the Prep pupils took part in an online Pupil Wellbeing Survey which we designed, whilst the Pre-Prep pupils completed a form-based Pupil Wellbeing Survey. We look forward to being able to publish and share the results with you soon.

We want to thank everyone who has supported our campaign and took part in our activities this week. A big thank you too, to Mrs Ward, Mrs Murden and Ms Sarson for all their help.

The Wellbeing Ambassadors