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Cyber Cyril at Christmas

With the Christmas countdown underway, Cyber Cyril has added some games to his list.

He loves all types of games but lots of them have something called a PEGI number on them. He didn’t know that this number was similar to those on DVDs and an 18 means it is for people over 18 years old only!

Here’s how he investigated whether the games will be suitable for his Christmas list using the Ask About Games site. The NSPCC also has some excellent content for parents who would like to find out more about online games.

He has checked out the apps ratings at Common Sense Media as a guide to some of the best family friendly games available to download.

Cyber Cyril also didn’t realise that although PEGI ratings are a valuable tool, they’re only based on content. Even if a game is rated as 3, it may still let you talk to other players, including strangers, through voice chat or instant messenger.