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World Maths Day

We have taken our lessons outside for World Maths Day.

Lottie and Florence, both in Year 6, explain all about this special day.

"On Wednesday 23 March, it was World Maths Day. The theme was Maths is Everywhere! To demonstrate this, we all had our Maths lessons outside. Nursery went to Forest School and Year 6 pupils helped the children with counting and creating patterns with nature.

In Year 1, they went on a shape hunt around the playground to show how Maths is everywhere. Year 2 found fractions of amounts using multi link cubes and Year 4 drew out their own fraction hopscotches with chalk on the playground. Another Year 4 class went outside to create their own Maths questions about the things around them.

Year 5 and 6 took photos of their environment and posed their own Maths problems, recording these using Pic Collage. Some members of Year 6 held a maths assembly for Prep and Pre-Prep to talk about how Maths is everywhere. It was great to see so many children enjoying their Maths lessons outside!"

Mrs Chan wrote a Maths poem for World Maths Day to inspire her Year 2 class!