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Year 2 Visit Cotswold Farm Park

During the summer term, Year 2 had a fun-filled trip to Cotswold Farm Park as part of their Science topic on Living Things.

Ben, in 2JW, has written a wonderful account of the day:

"On Friday 1st July Year 2 went on a really fun school trip. We went to Cotswold Farm Park. We went because our Science topic is on Living Things.

Firstly, me and Limiao were partnered up and we were on Coach 1. We got on and we pretended it was a rocket and we said “5…4…3…2…1…Blast off!”. We sang ‘Choo, Choo, Waa’ on the way – do you like ‘Choo, Choo, Waa’? We also slept half the way there!

Eventually, we got there and it was brilliant. We met the staff who work there and they showed us a little tent and we ate some snack. I had a carrot and it was delicious! I went to the toilet when I had eaten my snack. Then I was in a group that had purple stickers and we lined up.

Next, we were in a greenhouse and we met two fluffy chicks, a rabbit called Chip and a guinea-pig called Mia. We got to feel them and it was fun! Also, we learnt what animals lay eggs. I had lots of fun!

After that, we went to the woodland walk and in the Conservation Area. I made a den and played in the mud kitchen – it was fun! We made up a game of ‘Floor is Lava’ and added a lava monster. It was really fun! Then, I had a ham sandwich with white bread. Next, we lined up ready to play…

Next, we went in the fun park with very noisy tractors. I had fun there. Then, I got to the bouncy pillow and it was sooooo bouncy, I loved it! I jumped up 2 metres off the ground! Next, we went to feed some animals. We fed goats and sheep, they licked my hand and it tickled. It was good!

I think it is really fun there, you should go there if you want to!"