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Year 3 Ancient Mayan Day

On Tuesday 14 June, Year 3 transformed into Ancient Mayans!

They created their own amazing headdresses (the larger they were, the more important you were) and wore them throughout the day. After learning about Ancient Mayan fashion, they made "mini Mayan" people, creating outfits for them and making sure that their faces showed crossed eyes and large foreheads (signs of being very attractive in Ancient Mayan times). 

They found out about the myth of the hero twins who created the world, learned out about Mayan jobs and houses. In the afternoon, Year 3 started their own Mayan inspired weaving and then the highlight of the tasting!

Everyone enjoyed tortillas, avocados, papaya, sweet potatoes, honey, beans and most popular, dark chocolate. Everyone also enjoyed some hot chocolate, a favourite drink of the Ancient Mayans. Some girls even bravely added quite a bit of chilli power to theirs, as they would have done in the past. Everyone really enjoyed their day and the Year 3 girls certainly enjoyed bringing history to life.