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Year 3 Visit St Nicholas' Church

At the start of term, Year 3 walked to St Nicholas' Church, in Warwick, to learn about signs and symbols as part of their Religious Education lessons.

Reverend Hale met the pupils at the church and gave them a quiz to do, all about signs which they might see around them in everyday life. They all recognised the Starbucks and angry emoji symbols! After that, the pupils took part in a mock baptism. Ella was the Vicar, Meera and Lily were the parents of baby Gertrude (a dolly!) and Sophia, Lottie and Lois were the godparents. Avanni poured water onto the baby's head. The rest of the pupils were the congregation, joining at the right parts with an enthusiastic "we will!".

Then, in groups, everyone hunted around the church for symbols which they could see on their sheet, thinking carefully about what they might mean to people of the Christian faith. After a game of church bingo, Reverend Hale answered many interesting questions from the pupils.