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Year 3 Visit St. Nicholas' Church

On Tuesday, Mrs Ward took us to St. Nicholas’ Church in Warwick for an exciting R.E lesson with Reverend Duckers.

We went to find out all about religious signs and symbols that can be found in a place of worship. We went on a scavenger hunt around the church to locate a code attached to lots of different items that have an important meaning. On the hunt, we found a crucifix, a star, a candle, a bottle of holy oil, a sheep, a stole, a dove, stained glass windows, a font, a robe, a memorial board, and holy water. We then had to work out what all the letters spelled out: ‘God loves you’.

Reverend Duckers then held a pretend baptism where some girls in Year 3 played the roles of the vicar, the parents, and godparents. Everyone else was part of the congregation and supported the service by reading from the baptism service book. We welcomed baby Bob to the family of God. We learnt how the font is used, why holy water is poured on a baby’s head, why a cross is drawn on their forehead, what the role of godparents is, and why a baby is given a candle. We even discovered what the Holy Trinity means. It was a really good, fun visit and we all learnt so much.

Thank you, Reverend Duckers, for having us all at St. Nicholas.

By Shiloh and Eleanor, Year 3