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Year 3 Visit To CONKERS!

Year 3 had a wonderful trip to CONKERS! in Leicestershire on Tuesday 7 June.

Firstly, they spent time exploring the Discovery Zone, whizzing down slides, making giant bat ears pick up sound and comparing themselves to giant ants!

After that, they headed out in the blazing sunshine to explore to outdoor areas. The fairy tale labyrinth was a hit. They explored the maze in small groups whilst searching for their birthday fairies. Then it was on to the activity trail. The girls leapt over logs, climbed netting, slid down steep slides and conquered the wobbly high bridge. They enjoyed it so much they did it twice! It was lovely to see them cheering each other on and being so supportive.

After lunch, everyone jumped onto the Conkerchoo train and enjoyed a short journey to the adventure playground, before walking back to complete the highlight of the day....the barefoot walk! The 500-metre walk is a mixture of water, sand, rocks and wood and the girls screeched and laughed their way around it. Many of them choosing to do it a further two times as they enjoyed it so much. Lots of resilience and independence all round.

At the end of a busy day of team building and fun, the girls wearily boarded the coach for school.