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News From Cyber Cyril

With Raspberry Pi’s launch of the new Raspberry Pi 400 (the computer in a keyboard) Cyber Cyril has been getting his Christmas list prepared and along with checking the PEGI ratings on games and apps has been looking into some cool Christmas toys! What has really got him excited is the range of choice out there encouraging all the problem solving and critical thinking skills that are so important in all subjects.

For little learners the Code and Go Robot Mouse and the Osmo range encourage problem solving and critical thinking. The Fisher Price Code-a-pillar is also a great choice for really little fingers.

For 7+ you have a range of fantastic tech-based toys including the Lego Boost, Botley and SAM labs are great programmable kits that involve tinkering with hardware.

The Tech Will Save Us kits encourage building and exploring, whilst Kano’s make a computer kit allows children to see what is “under the hood.” Cyril has his eye on the new Micro-bit with microphone and the Harry Potter wand kit from Kano. He has also spotted something non-tech based, Detective Dot – a coding adventure, offers a great chance to encourage problem solving and secret spy challenges!