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Skills for Life Morning

This week at school and home, the children have enjoyed participating in a ‘Skills for Life’ morning and have developed skills such as: organisation, communication, empathy and focus in their quest to earn badges on their return to school. 

Year 1 and Year 3 had great fun making Junk Instruments, after watching a short video from Mr Hancock's ‘Orchestra in Box’ where he demonstrated all the sounds that the organ can make, inspiring them to think about what instrument they could make. Wind, strings or percussion. The children used a range of skills, including; creativity, focus, organisation and responsibility.

Year 5 focussed on empathy, creativity and communication, but in particular ‘Gratitude’, the girls listened to the song ‘What a wonderful world’ by Louis Armstrong and watched a short animation film produced as a response to the lyrics of the song. They had a choice to create a picture entitled ‘I see…', which described what is wonderful in their ‘world’, or wrote a poem, or additional verses to the original song. 

The girls in Year 5 also produced an ‘Alphabet of Gratitude’, thinking of something that they are grateful for, for each letter of the alphabet, this could be recorded in any way e.g. an gratitude jar, a calendar, a visual board, a gratitude tree.

Year 4 worked on recognising different food groups and what a balanced diet looks like. They then had to plan and prepare lunch for the whole family to enjoy! 

Year 2 focussed on the skill of communication by practising writing clear instructions for someone else to follow. The children created a trail of between 12 and 20 clues to lead someone in their family to a 'treasure'. The children also made drawings following instructions.