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Riotous Royals

It has been a busy term in Year 4.

During the national lockdown the girls enjoyed learning about English monarchs from 1066 to the present day. Whilst learning about the Magna Carta, the girls created their own Magna Carta promises some of which were beautifully published. Coats of armour were created whilst they researched their own family crests and the most popular King was Henry VIII as his wives proved to be most fascinating!

In Geography, girls looked at how they recycled at home and then back at school they found out about the impact of climate change on polar animals. In English, they wrote beautiful metaphorical poems based on a very short film "The Windmill Farmer", comparing a storm to a wild animal and then wrote newspaper reports about the impact of the storm on the farmer. 

The girls were delighted to return to school and the highlight of their return to the classroom was "Riotous Royals" curriculum day! Dressed in their finest, they found out about castles, British monarchs, knights and royal banquets! It was a fun day full of curtsies and royal waving!