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Year 5 Viking Day

Year 5 turned into Vikings for the day!

The girls discussed how Viking women had more rights and enjoyed more equality and freedom than almost all other women of their time. How they could own land, divorce and inherit, fight, serve as clergy, run businesses, households and farms. Viking women were indeed strong, resilient, independent and self-sufficient.

Year 5 Viking Shields

Activities included; dissecting Viking excrement to investigate what the Viking diet was like, finding out about the most expensive excrement in the world - the Lloyds Bank Coloprite, designing and making Viking shields and Viking brooches and learning about Viking writing using runes.

The fun filled day ended with a Skype call to the Jorvik Viking Centre in York where the girls learnt about the causes of raiding and warfare in Viking times, the weapons used and Viking strategies of the battlefield.

Year 5 Viking Day Activities