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Year 3 Christingle Assembly

Year 3 pupils welcomed parents to their Christingle assembly this morning at Warwick Prep School.

The girls shared how Christingle celebrations have been taking place for over 50 years and that the first Christingle service took place at Lincoln Cathedral in 1968, but Christingles themselves go back much further to the Moravian church in Germany. It was at a children’s service in Marienborn in 1747, Bishop Johannes de Watteville looked for a simple way to explain the happiness that had come to people through Jesus and created a symbol — the Christingle — in order to do this. Through their wonderful story telling skills, the girls revealed how each element of a Christingle has a special meaning.

We were also treated to some impressive Christingle poetry and to end, a most beautiful, poignant song where their serene faces were lit up by their tiny candles. Pure joy!