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Pastoral Care

Above all else Warwick Prep is a nurturing environment and the school’s ethos is naturally warm-hearted, supportive and inclusive. The children thrive and flourish because they know that they are looked after and given the individual help that they need.

Form teachers play a pivotal role in this, but the Heads of Prep and Pre-Prep are well placed to monitor the progress and wellbeing of the children as they move through our school. Should children require specific additional learning support this is delivered by a specialist team of teaching staff providing one-to-one or small group work.

We greatly value the involvement of parents throughout their child’s time at the school and very much wish to develop a sense of partnership between home and school.

Pastoral Care in Lockdown

During lockdown, we believe it is important for Warwick Prep pupils to have regular contact with their form teachers. Each form meets daily for their live form time, providing each pupil with the opportunity to meet with their peers and form teacher. At the end of each week, girls in the Prep department are invited to a session where feedback is given on the week’s work and achievements, known as ‘Feedback Friday’. Merit certificates, house points, Writer and Mathematician of the Week are also announced, and girls can share personal achievements of their own.
Our Senior Leadership Team are providing remote assemblies for our pupils, covering a range of topics. Our Reception children are also enjoying a weekly live game or story session with Mrs Smeeton, Head of Pre-Prep.

School Counselling Service

There are times when children need additional expert help from a trained counsellor. Our Counsellor, Helen Webb, works alongside our Head of Prep and Head of Pre-Prep offering her support to individuals, meeting with them on a weekly basis.

School Counselling in Lockdown

We recognise that pupils still need our ongoing support throughout lockdown. Our Counsellor continues to meet with individuals face to face and remotely.


Wellbeing encompasses all that we do at Warwick Prep. We believe it is vital that, alongside striving to be the best that they can be, Warwick Prep pupils also develop the skills and gain the experience needed to enable them to thrive and flourish in their everyday lives, whilst at school and beyond. We want all of our children to be happy, healthy, capable and engaged and our aim is to support them as they navigate today’s society and the challenges it presents. 

Pupils are encouraged to take part in sport, music, drama and our wide range of extra-curricular clubs. The opportunity to sample an assortment of experiences not only helps our children gain a wider understanding of the world around them but helps to boost self-esteem and confidence. Children embark on charity fundraising through their Houses and work closely with the local Food Bank, raising a sense of social responsibility and the importance of being kind to people.

Wellbeing in Lockdown

With live lessons taking place and daily form time, our Warwick Prep pupils continue to feel connected with school. We are also offering a range of live music ensemble groups, yoga and ‘wake up and shake up’ sessions for the children to take part in. Our weekly edition of ‘Squirrel News’ keep our Warwick Prep pupils and their families up to date with school news and provides regular challenges such as ‘Mrs Smeeton’s Cooking Challenge’ or ‘Mrs Ward’s Puzzle Challenge’. Warwick Prep pupils have also been given the opportunity to take part in our mindfulness colouring competition, which will also feature in Squirrel News.

“Staff at Warwick Prep are very good at getting to know the individual child and letting them know the sky is the limit. Pupils are encouraged to Aspire, Achieve, Enjoy, and to be the best that they can be.”

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