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Cyber Cyril Celebrates Safer Internet Day

Cyber Cyril has been exploring this year's Safer Internet Day. Our Year 5 and Year 6 Digital Leaders led separate assemblies for Prep and Pre-Prep based on the theme, 'Inspiring change? Making a difference, Managing Influence, and Navigating Change Online.'

For our youngest pupils, the focus was on how we can make sure when something changes online that we know who we can talk to and how our grown-ups at home can help us. For our older pupils we focussed on influence that others have over us whether it is our peers, families or what we view online.

During this week, your child may come home and discuss some of the themes explored in the assembly and during Computing lessons. It is also an excellent opportunity to begin a conversation about online safety at home.

Safer Internet Day has grown into an international day when young peoples’ voices are heard and encouraged in order to shape our technology for good. It also serves as a reminder to our young people to have open conversations at home and can help signpost parents and guardians to places of significant support to help guide their young people through the online world. Here are a few recommended sites to choose from:

Don’t forget, we also have our brilliant Online Safety Website built by our Digital Leaders, which includes questions posed by pupils and parents on our Digital Discussion page.