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The latest sporting news from Warwick Prep.

Latest Sports News - 09.05.24

Our U11 cricket team showcased their teamwork skills and determination on the cricket pitch at the U11 IAPS tournament on Wednesday, emerging victorious in 1st place! Congratulations to all the girls for their outstanding achievement on the field.

Latest Sports News - 02.05.24

On Wednesday 1 May, we had the pleasure of hosted the U11 football ISFA Girls Regional Qualifiers. We are thrilled to announce that our U11 team emerged victorious, proudly being crowned ISFA Regional Champions! Congratulations to all the players and staff involved in this remarkable achievement.

Latest Sports News - 18.03.24

Huge congratulations to our U11A netball team who, after competing in the IAPS National Finals, were crowned 4th in the country! The girls have worked incredibly hard towards this fantastic achievement. We are all very proud!

Latest Sports News - 15.03.24

Our gymnastics teams recently competed at the Independent Schools Gymnastics Association (ISGA) National Gymnastics Championships, held at Tormead and Haberdashers' Schools. They participated in two vault events, two individual floor events, and a group floor routine for Year 5 and Year 6 teams. The dedication and hard work of the girls was evident as they demonstrated excellent balance, strength, flexibility, and memory skills, performing in front of large audiences and judges.

In Year 4, Bronte, Hattie, India, and Lola impressed at their first 4-piece competition. They showed huge improvement in their set floor routine and vaults and enjoyed performing their individual routine in front of everyone, for the first time. 

Year 5 introduced brand new floor routines. Karen and Florence really impressed with their musicality and energy. A lot of new skills were demonstrated by Amelia and Annabel performing their back handsprings in competition for the first time. Tabitha was given the opportunity to increase the height of the vault which we have been working on at school. She was delighted when she rose to the challenge and was awarded 9.0 out of 9.0 for her new incredibly challenging new vault.

Year 6 also showcased brand new floor routines and Imogen performed her new handspring vault and was awarded a 9.10 out of 10.0 on her set vault which was an incredible achievement. Arabella, Ella, Imogen Martha and Sienna performed their new floor routines with an incredible level of dance links and transitions. They included connected skills and a wide variety that required control, focus, and they brought a real sense of enjoyment in their routines. Well done to all girls involved. Your hard work and determination was evident, and it was a joy to watch. The gymnasts are now working towards a competition in the summer term over the weekend 18-19 May.

Meanwhile, our swimmers in Year 5 and Year 6 excelled in the qualification round for the IAPS Swimming National Finals at Repton. The girls swam their individual event and formed part of the relays. Our girls won a large proportion of their events putting them in a good position for the finals. The times the girls posted are now added to a central database alongside 100's of other pupils across the country and the top 20 finishers in each event will be invited to the National Finals at the London Olympic Pool in June. Well done to Arabella, Eleanor, Freya, Imogen and Martha in Year 6 and Bella, Chloe, Florence, Isobel and Nehna in Year 5. We will be made aware of our position at the end of April and look forward to finding out how they place. 

On Monday, the swimmers then joined forces with the Warwick Junior School Year 5 and Year 6 team, and Year 7 and Year 8 boys and girls teams from Warwick School and King's High School to face Bilton Grange in the pool. This was our first fixture against Bilton Grange and a great success for the Foundation. Our girls performed incredible swims with some personal best times. Highlights include Arabella's determination in the 50m butterfly and Nehna's resilience after a knock to the wrist. Well done girls! We look forward to facing Bilton Grange again in the future.

Yesterday, the swimmers attended one of the English School Swimming Association West Midland rounds of qualification for the National Finals. The girls in Year 6 posted great times. The Freestyle relay team was made up by Imogen, Eleanor, Arabella and Freya. The medley relay team was made up by Martha in the backstroke, Imogen in the breaststroke, Arabella in the butterfly and Freya in the freestyle. The girls swam brilliantly with great takeovers and focus on speed. We look forward to hearing the results of where the girls placed in the Regional round. The top three teams go through to the finals at Ponds Forge, Sheffield.

Latest Sports News - 02.02.24

On Thursday, the U11 netball team triumphed in the IAPS semi-finals, securing a well-deserved spot in the finals! The girls showed grit and determination in every game, not losing a single match which is testament to their incredible skill and teamwork. Nationals, here we come!

Latest Sports News - 29.01.24

Our cross country girls clinched a 1st place finish, and there were numerous victories on the netball courts along with personal bests achieved in the swimming pool!

Latest Sports News - 17.11.23

Congratulations to our U11 cross country team, who raced to victory and finished 1st at RGS The Grange cross country event. A special mention to Imo, who achieved 1st place individually. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Latest Sports News - 13.11.23

We are celebrating a superb weekend of sport at Warwick Prep School! Congratulations to the U11 hockey team whose determination and passion awarded them 4th place at the IAPS National Finals. Competing at the ISGA competition yesterday, our gymnasts worked incredibly hard to achieve 5th (U9), 6th (U10) and 5th (U11) places. We are so proud of you all!

Latest Sports News - 10.10.23

Congratulations to the Warwick Prep School ski team, who came 1st in the ESSKIA National Finals U12 girls race. In addition, Darcey, in Year 6, was awarded the fastest U12 girls Unregistered Race, which is for those who do not usually race outside of school's races. Well done on your magnificent achievements!

Latest Sports News - 04.10.23

Well done to our U11 team who won the IAPS hockey regional tournament this week! This is a fantastic achievement that has earnt them a place at the National Finals!

Latest Sports News - 22.09.23

On Thursday 21 September, Years 3-6 took part in our Prep Aquathlon. It was truly phenomenal to have over 200 children completing the swim and the run; an amazing achievement by all. It was wonderful to see so much resilience and enthusiasm from all the children involved. The Sports Department is very proud of you!

Congratulations to the Warwick Prep ski team who competed last Sunday in the Qualifying Race for ESSKIA Dry Slope Champs at Stoke. The girls had a great day and all put in a fantastic performance. The Warwick Prep team: Bea, Loretta and Darcey came 1st to make it through to the finals in Norwich, this October.

Latest Sports News - 22.06.23

On Wednesday 21 June, the U11 football team travelled to St George's Park (the Home of England Football) to participate in the Independent Schools National Cup Finals Day.  

Walking in the footsteps of the Lionesses, who had recently checked into the centre to prepare for the upcoming World Cup, our regional champions were super excited.

On a very warm day and with 7 of the 9 players playing up an age group, the team worked extremely hard against the best independent school teams in the country and should be proud of their achievements this season.

Following the completion of their matches, the girls were then able to check out the national teams' incredible facilities and were thrilled to bump into some of their heroes who were returning from their own training session.

This was a fantastic experience for our girls and one that will live long in their memories!

Latest Sports News - 19.06.23

On Saturday 17 June, our swimmers took to the pool again, this time at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield for English Schools Primary Team Championships.

Earlier in the year, a team of Warwick Prep girls attended a qualification round where they had qualified in 1st place for both the front crawl relay and the medley relay.

At the event 24 teams (3 from each region) attend. On finals day all teams participate in a heat of 8 schools. The top 8 overall from the heats qualify for the 'A' final and top 9-16 qualify for the 'B' final.

Our girls swam incredibly well with some new personal best times. They finished in 10th position in both events. Well done to Sasha, Sophie, Arabella and Nefeli.

Our girls represent a variety of swimming clubs including Leamington, Stratford Sharks and Coventry and in June, some of our swimmers took part in round three of the Nuneaton and District Junior League which represents the West Midlands. The competition included two previous rounds and the last round decided who will attend the final.

Congratulations, to Leamington (Iris, Sasha, Nehna, Sophia and Chloe) who finished the round in 2nd place and Coventry (Abigail) who finished in 3rd. Both qualify for the finals. Well done, to Stratford (Arabella) who finished in 13th place.

The girls have consistently performed in their relay teams and individual events, scoring points for their teams. Good luck in the finals on Saturday 9 September.

Members of Karate Club have been working very hard to learn their new forms (patterns) and basic techniques so were thrilled to all pass their recent grading. The girls had to complete a fitness test, show set self-defence, do pad drills for their grade, and spar. Well done!

Latest Sports News - 12.06.23

On Saturday 3 June, our swimmers attended the IAPS National Swimming finals at the Olympic Aquatics centre in London. They attended this competition having qualified in the top 20 in their event earlier in the year. More than 1500 pupils took part in the 53 heats at the finals on Saturday. 

Our U10 medley team of Eleanor (backstroke), Imogen (breaststroke), Arabella (butterfly) and Freya (front crawl) qualified for the relay in 18th place however, in the final, they moved up to 13th in the country and took almost 7 seconds off their time.

The U10 freestyle team made up of Pippa, Imogen, Freya and Arabella qualified for the relay in 7th and moved up to 5th in the country taking almost 6 seconds off their time.

Arabella qualified for the individual 25m butterfly in 7th. It is important to point out that individuals had to swim in a heat and from the two heats, the top 10 pupils then swam again in the final. Arabella placed 7th in the heats and in the finals finished 8th in the country and took half a second off her time.

Our U11 medley team of Sasha (backstroke), Abigail (breaststroke), Sophia (butterfly) and Nefeli (front crawl) qualified for the relay in 10th place however, in the final, they exceeded all expectations and took almost 6 seconds off their time to finish 3rd in the country!

The same girls qualified for the freestyle relay having qualified in 9th and moved up to 6th in the country taking over 4 seconds off their time.

Sasha qualified for individual 50m backstroke in 13th and finished 14th in the heats having taken a whole second off her time.

Abigail qualified for the individual 50m breaststroke in 5th, moved into 6th in the heats and then in the finals placed 6th in the country and took over one and a half seconds off her time. 

Huge congratulations to all of the swimmers for their incredible times and placings.

It’s been a successful year for Warwick Prep at the National Schools Equestrian Association Eventer Challenge Finals at the international All England show ground, Hickstead 2023.

The Mini class (70/75cm) team was made up of pupils from King's High and from Warwick Prep, Mila, in 4WS. Mila also represented the school as an individual. Every team at the finals had to have won or come 2nd in the winter qualifiers so the standard was high. Each member of the team put in good rounds, leading to the team placing 13th out of 34 teams on a score of 4. This was an amazing achievement and all the girls were thrilled. Along with two other King's High pupils, it was Mila’s first year at this prestigious final, so for the team to finish in the top 40% was fantastic.

In show jumping, Mila participated in the 70cm class, finishing 15th in a massive class of 68 riders.

Thanks to Sara Copley for travelling to Sussex to support us and hand out the commemorative plaques awarded to all riders that had qualified for the Championships.

Latest Sports News

What a momentous week of sport! Our U11 football team celebrated winning the ISFA Girls National Cup and are looking forward to competing to become national champions at St George's Park!

And, our swimming relay teams will be competing in the IAPS National Finals at the London Aquatics Centre, in June.

Latest Sports News

What a half term of sport! We have had an abundance of extracurricular activities as well as a multitude of fixtures.

We have been involved in local events such as the sport hall indoor athletics county rounds, where all the girls involved performed with great determination. Eight Year 6 girls competed in the indoor rowing competition, coming 1st in 2 events and 3rd overall as a team.

We have had great success in swimming and running. We took a team from each age group to the Manor Prep School's cross country competition and with over 15 schools racing, we did exceedingly well. Our U10s and U8s came 1st overall and our U11s and U9s came 2nd overall! A special mention to Imo, Sienna and Bronte who all placed in the top 3 individually, out of 40 children. We have hosted numerous swimming galas with the girls racing with passion and invigoration and are on an unbeaten streak with certain age groups.

In football, the U11 team travelled to Fairfield for a tournament. The work the girls have been doing shone through when they came away unbeaten! Our hockey players picked up their sticks, last weekend, for a practise for the county tournament after half term. They came away with wins in both games against The Croft and Bromsgrove.

In the games arena, netball takes centre stage this term, and what a first half term it has been. Every year group has participated in fixtures and the U10s and U11s have both had multiple occasions where the whole year group has been invited to play. A few highlights have been our U8 & U9 teams traveling to Stamford for a tournament against various schools where both teams came away unbeaten. Our U10As have won all of their games so far. Let's hope this is a premonition of what's to come. What a season our U11s have had so far. Most Thursdays we have fielded eight teams of girls and they have played amazing netball.

Our A team headed to Uppingham for the regional IAPS, where they won all of their round games. Unfortunately, they lost in the knockout to the overall winners of the tournament. What an amazing achievement. They played brilliantly!

The most important thing to us, as a department, is that all of the children are loving their sport and we are so proud of everyone who is involved in clubs, fixtures and puts their all in games lessons. Here’s to another fantastic half term of sport!

Latest Sports News

Abigail, Nefeli, Sasha and Sophia, all in Year 6, and Arabella and Abigail, both in Year 5, have all been working really hard on their swimming inside school and outside school within their clubs. These incredibly talented girls qualified for Warwickshire's where all the best swimmers in the county race against each other. They took part in races over two weekends at the Warwickshire's, held in Coventry. 

Children who placed top 8 in 50-100m races qualified for finals and swam again for final placing on the same day. Our girls did incredibly well.

  • Abigail, in Year 5, competed in the 50m Backstroke and 50m Freestyle
  • Sophia competed in the 50m Backstroke
  • Nefeli competed in the 200m Individual Medley
  • Arabella competed in the 200m Individual Medley and placed 10th in the 50m Freestyle, 9th in the 50m Breaststroke, 7th in the 100m Freestyle and 5th in both 50m Butterfly and 100m Breaststroke
  • Sasha competed in and placed 9th in 50m Freestyle and 100m Freestyle, 6th in 100m Backstroke, 50m Breaststroke and 50m Butterfly and 3rd in the 100m Breaststroke.

One of our girls in Year 6 has shown she is unstoppable in the pool, winning a grand total of 12 events. Abigail, in Year 6, is dedicated to her swimming and shows promise across all strokes and distances. She is now the county champion in:

  • 50m Backstroke
  • 200m Backstroke
  • 50m Breaststroke
  • 100m Breaststroke
  • 200m Breaststroke
  • 50m Butterfly
  • 100m Butterfly
  • 50m Freestyle
  • 100m Freestyle
  • 200m Freestyle
  • 400m Freestyle
  • 200m Individual Medley

This is an incredible achievement. Well done, Abigail!

Latest Sports News

On Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 January, Mila competed at the Small Pony Premier showjumping show at Aintree Racecourse. 

Mila jumped both her ponies successfully for joint 1st on Saturday and Sunday in the U11 class, to see her qualify for the finals in March.

Daisy and Mila had a jump around the bigger courses against children a few years older than her and in the 128 handicap special late on Saturday night, they got into the jump off and came 4th but was the highest placed 128 pony (the rest were on slightly bigger ponies but the class was merged).

On the Sunday, Mila jumped at 8am which meant a very early start after a late finish on Saturday. Mila had to walk the course on her own and did very well in the Graham Heaths class. She just had a pole which put her out the placings but she did very well as it was a big step-up for both of them!


Latest Sports News

What a fantastic term of sport we have had here at Warwick Prep. With all of the children immersing themselves within the extracurricular activities, games and PE, lots of new skills have been learnt and lots of fun has been had.


We have had three whole year group fixtures for Year 6 this half term. It has been brilliant to see all of the children throw themselves into the sport. The A team showed incredible determination at the IAPS hockey competition, giving it their all in every game. Our Year 5 teams have had great success, not losing any games across the teams and the Year 3 and Year 4 girls have played in fun festivals as a fabulous introduction to fixtures.


This half term has seen the Year 6 A team win against Bromsgrove, with personal best times for all our Warwick Prep girls. This gala combined our Foundation swimmers from Years 6, 7 and 8 at Warwick Prep, Warwick Juniors, King’s High and Warwick School. In the pool, girls have been working hard on activities to help them explode off the blocks, ensuring our relay take overs are quick and maintaining streamlined body positions. 


The gymnasts are working towards a competition in November that involves them learning a routine and a vault. This half term, we have focused on the skills in the routine paying special attention to flexibility in our legs, strong arms and controlled balance. Keep up the good work girls!


Last Saturday, the Foundation skiers participated in the English Ski Schools Finals, in Norfolk.

We are thrilled that 5 Foundation ski teams qualified for and skied at this event on the Norwich Ski Slope at such an early stage in the development of the Warwick Schools Ski Racing programme.

The U12 girls team missed a podium position but came a very respectable 4th! They are dedicated to their training and racing, have courage and determination and should be very proud of what they have achieved.

Latest Sports News

Good luck to all the pupils and staff: Miss Day, Mrs Alder and Mrs Smeeton (making her debut) who are dancing in the Leamington and Warwick Academy of Dance performance of the ‘Snow Queen’ at the Leamington Spa Centre, this weekend. We hope they have a ‘wicked’ time!

As the year comes to a close and we have completed our final Sports Day, all that is left to do is say have a lovely summer to you all. We hope that the children keep active over the break, as much for their mental wellbeing as their physical. 

There are always lots of different ways to stay active: holiday camps, park runs, family time playing sport or perhaps walking. 

We have put a summer challenge on the notice board, in case the children would like a little bit of structure. We look forward to hearing about all of the wonderful things the children have been up to when they are back. Happy holidays from the PE Department.

Latest Sports News

As the year ends, we really have finished it in style with multiple Sports Days. 

It was amazing to see all our young athletes take to the track but also participate in fun field events. Reception demonstrated their throwing, jumping and running skills with bundles of enthusiasm. Nursery showed us some dry land swimming with their 'triathlon' events.

Well done to the following children who were victorious in various events for Years 3-6:


  • Year 3: Tuppence
  • Year 4: Eleanor 
  • Year 5: Rosie
  • Year 6: Farrah


  • Year 3: Tabby
  • Year 4: Eleanor
  • Year 5: Katherine
  • Year 6: Isla

Sprint Finals

  • Year 3: Tabby
  • Year 4: Imogen 
  • Year 5: Elektra
  • Year 6: Zara

Middle Distance

  • Year 3: Tabby
  • Year 4: Freya
  • Year 5: Rachel
  • Year 6: Isla

Victrix Ludorum

  • Year 3: Tabby
  • Year 4: Eleanor
  • Year 5: Elektra
  • Year 6: Isla

A big thank you to all of the parents who came to spectate the different Sports Days. It was truly amazing to welcome you all onto site and a wonderful time was had by all. We're looking forward to the Year 1 and Year 2 Sports Day on Tuesday! 

Latest Sports News

What a couple of weeks in sport it has been. The girls have been busy with their final fixtures of the year.

We had a monumental moment for cricket in the Foundation, where we fielded mixed cricket teams with Warwick Junior School and some of the girls competed in hard ball, again, another first for the schools. The U8, U9 and U10 teams all played against Bablake School, coming out with a mix of wins and losses, and a lot of smiles all around. 

Our U11 footballers played at the national finals at St. George's Park coming 3rd in the country! An incredible achievement by all of the girls involved.

On Saturday 11 June, Warwick Prep swimmers attended the IAPS National Swimming Finals. Girls completed a qualifying round back in January and the finals saw the top 20 relay teams and top 20 individuals in each stroke.

We are delighted to be able to announce the following results:

U10 medley relay (Backstroke Sophia, Breaststroke Nefeli, Butterfly Abigail and Front Crawl Elektra)

Qualified 17th (1.23.37)

Finished 10th (1.17.07)

U10 freestyle relay (Sophia, Nefeli, Abigail and Elektra)

Qualified 18th (1.13.68)

Finished 9th (1.06.91)

U11 medley relay (Backstroke Martha, Breaststroke Florence, Butterfly Ellie and Front Crawl Charlotte)

Qualified 4th (1.14.29)

Finished 8th (1.10.24)

U11 freestyle relay…

Qualified 10th (1.06.83)

FINISHED 2nd (59.76)

Abigail 25m U10 individual fly

Qualified 5th (18.19)

Prelims 8th top 10 to final (17.45)

Final 7th (17.53)

Ellie 50m U11 individual fly

Qualified 12th (37.82)

Prelims 11th gutted (36.25)

Florence 50m U11 individual breaststroke

Qualified 12th (37.82)

Prelims 7th (41.76)

Final 6th (41.56)

As a team, U10 and U11 competed against all the schools (some schools have U10, U11, U12 and U13) and Warwick Prep placed joint 17th with 24 points. We gain points for where we finish in the finals (relays give us points and so do individuals).

We are awaiting to hear the results of U10 and U11 overall school placings.

Huge congratulations to all involved!

Latest Sports News

On Saturday 7 May, our U10 and U11 tennis teams took on Bromsgrove School. They played brilliantly and both squads came away with the win.

On Tuesday 10 May, we played a whole year group U9 fixture against Blue Coat School. It was brilliant to see so many children playing! Our A team came away with the win in a pairs cricket format.

On Wednesday 11 May, we took 5 U11 cricket teams over to RGS Worcester. After a rainy morning, the sun shone down on us all afternoon for a fantastic day of cricket. 

On Thursday 12 May, our Year 3 gymnasts, who recently won the Central Warwickshire round of the Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire gymnastics competition, travelled to the Fundamental Movement Academy, Solihull for the County School Games final against 12 other schools. The children had to perform a set floor routine and a vault in front of judges. The girls performed brilliantly, displaying control and precision. I am delighted to announce they finished in 2nd place! Well done to Amelia, Annabel, Annabella, Ava, Florence, Holly, Iris, Karen, Sienna and Tabitha.

Latest Sports News

After an Easter break to recharge and reset, the Foundation Ski Race group were back training at Swadlincote on Sunday 1 May, under the watchful eyes of coaches Emma and Brian from Midland Ski Club.

It was a great day, with 15 skiers from the Foundation, including 4 girls from Warwick Prep, attending and lots of improvement among those participating. The morning consisted of technical work to improve each skiers’ base level and then, after some individual training runs, the afternoon was spent mainly competing in head-to-head and team Dual Slaloms. This really brought out the competitive side with some really close races resulting.

The U11 teams had an incredibly successful week on the football pitch. Not only did they win their final league game, which means straight wins for all of their matches this year, they also were victorious at the ISFA Midlands Qualifiers. They came away with the tournament win, earning themselves a place at the finals hosted at St George's Park.

Our U10 cricket team headed out for the first cricket match of the season. They haven't had much opportunity to play this year but took to the wicket with great motivation and drive to do well. It was an enjoyable afternoon in the sun, learning, progressing and smiling.

Coaches from All Stars Cricket visited to take our Year 1 games lessons, showing how much fun cricket is for all age groups. We highly recommend the children from Pre-Prep getting involved with their programmes. Find your nearest All Stars Cricket club here.

Our Warwick Prep swimming teams in Year 5 and Year 6 were so excited to hear that, following the qualification gala back in January, they have qualified for the National IAPS Swimming Finals at the London Olympic Pool on Saturday 11 June!

The girls competed in one of the many area qualification rounds and now all schools' results have been published. In order to qualify for the finals, the girls must place in the top 20 relays or individuals.

- U10 medley relay (17th/111 Schools)   

- U11 medley relay (4th/124 Schools)

- U10 freestyle relay (18th/130 Schools)

- U11 freestyle relay (10th/139 Schools)

- Abigail in butterfly (5th/87 Competitors)

- Ellie in butterfly (13th/95 Competitors)

- Florence in breaststroke (5th/133 Competitors)  

All relays qualifying will mean all girls will be attending the finals. The following girls also performed really well; Sophia in backstroke (40th/131 Competitors), Nefeli in breaststroke (65th/129 Competitors), Elektra in front crawl (52nd/149 Competitors), Charlotte in front crawl (46th/162 Competitors) and Martha in backstroke (46th/131 Competitors).

Well done to Ellie, Florence, Charlotte, Lena, Martha, Abigail, Sophia, Elektra and Nefeli. 

Latest Sports News

The Warwick Foundation Ski Racing programme has been training hard during the term, perfecting their techniques and recently, with some newer skiers making their debut too. The students raced in the Birmingham and Midlands Schools Championships at Ackers Adventure in Birmingham on Sunday.

There were several notable team and individual placings. The U12 team; Holly, in 6JJ, Mia, in 5KC, and Loretta, in 3VS, were 2nd in the ‘Junior Girls’ event and the U10 team; Bea, in 3LG, Darcey, in 4JB, and Mattie, in 4MM, came 3rd. Individually, Darcey was 2nd in the U10s with Loretta coming 3rd. 

The term has produced some great breakthroughs for all the skiers, backed up by these recent results. We aim to start again after the Easter break with our regular training with the Midland Ski Club coaches at Swadlincote Dry slope.

On Wednesday 23 March, the U11 teams, consisting of over 50 girls, played against Royal Grammar School Worcester, achieving great results all round and 5 teams won.

The following day, U10ABC netball teams travelled to Solihull School and had a lovely time playing in the sun with some fantastic results.

On Friday 25 March, the U10 and U11 cross-country teams won 1st, 2nd and 3rd for all year groups and came away with individual and team medals. The girls were amazing!

The U11 football team had a Football Mid & South Warwickshire League fixture vs Bidford at home and won 6-1!

On Saturday 26 March, we hosted a Year 4 and Year 6 Netball Tournament at Warwick Prep. We had lots of excellent schools come and join us onsite to play in the tournament. Both of our teams narrowly missed out on the tournament win.

On Monday 28 March, we hosted a Year 3 netball tournament. It was amazing to see the progress the girls have made this year and brilliant for them to come away with the tournament win.

On Wednesday 30 March, we travelled to Tanworth In Arden Primary School with the U11 football team. This was an important game for the league. The girls stepped up and came away with a 3-1 win.

Latest Sport Update

On Wednesday 16 March, Abigail, in 5KC, Sasha, in 5WS, Lena, in 6JJ, and Martha and Charlotte, in 6CM, attended one of the English Schools Swimming Association (ESSA) Swimming rounds. This was held at home and we were racing against 7 other schools in the West Midlands. The girls finished 5th in the freestyle relay, missing out on finals however, have qualified for the National Finals in Sheffield on Saturday 18 June, in the medley relay.

On Thursday 17 March, 10 girls from Year 3 attended the Schools Sports Partnership Gymnastics competition. For the competition, the girls had to learn a floor routine and a vault. This was hosted at Leamington and Warwick Gymnastics club. Our girls tried really hard and performed brilliantly. They competed against 5 other schools and finished in 1st place! They are now through to the County Finals in Solihull on Thursday 12 May. Well done to, Iris, Ava, Annabel, Karen, Annabella, Holly, Amelia and Florence, all in 3VS, and Tabitha and Sienna, both in 3LG. Good luck at the finals.

On Saturday 20 March, gymnastics teams from both Warwick Prep and King's High attended the 4 piece ISGA (Independent Schools Gymnastics Association) Championships. This competition involves 4 events made up for 2 floor routines and 2 vaults. Our girls were incredible against tough competition. Our U9 team placed 6th over all. Eleanor, in 4MM, placed 6th, Imogen, in 4MM, placed 12th, Freya, in 4MM, placed 16th, Martha, in 4AM, placed 18th and Arabella, in 4MM, placed 20th, out of 34 girls. Our U11 team also placed 6th overall. Tabitha (Captain), in 6SW, placed 13th, Annabel, in 6JJ, placed 14th, Sophia, in 5WS, placed 17th and Louisa, in  6SW, placed 19th, out of 38 girls.

Warwick Prep and Warwick Juniors had a great day at the U11 in2hockey regional finals! Both teams came home with medals against tough competition! Well done to the boys for their 1st place and to the girls for 2nd!

Well done to Bea, in 3LG, Mia, in 5KC, Darcey, in 4JB, and Loretta, in 3VS, for some super racing in the Midland Winter Ski races!

Bea skied to success, becoming the overall winner of the Midland Winter Ski races for her category! After lots of practise and five exciting races, Bea is absolutely delighted.

Sports Round-Up

Last weekend, the U10 A & B netball teams played at The Manor tournament. They showed some great skill and resilience throughout.

On Sunday 6 March, Imo, Freya, Isla and Poppy faced one of the toughest cross-country courses we have seen and ran tremendously, coming 14th at the National Prep Schools' Cross-Country Championship.

On Monday 7 March, the U11 A team played some excellent hockey in the county tournament and have earnt themselves a place at the Regional tournament.

On Wednesday 9 March, the whole of Year 6 took to the netball courts against Solihull School. All the teams played brilliantly and our A team took the win 6-0.

Following this, we hosted one of the first U9 netball tournaments. Our A team won the tournament with a sterling display of netball. 

We can't wait to see the Year 3 and Year 4 dance performance, to finish the week!

'Change' Dance Evening

The King's High and Warwick Prep dance evening, 'Change' featured our Hip Hop Troupes perform breathtaking dances to ‘Everything Changes’ and ‘Love Changes’. View the full photo gallery here.

U10 & U11 IAPS Swimming Qualifiers

Congratulations to our Year 5 and Year 6 swimming teams who achieved great times at the U10 & U11 IAPS Swimming Qualifiers at Bluecoat School. Fingers crossed for the results later in the year.

U11 IAPS Netball Tournament

On Saturday 5 February, the Year 6 girls travelled to Manor Prep School for the U11 IAPS Netball Tournament. They had a great first win, 8-1 which took them into the semi-finals. They had a tough 4-3 loss in the semis but after a 3rd/4th place play-off resulting in a 5-2 win, the girls gained 3rd place overall.

U11 Football Team

The U11 football team went to their first tournament on Saturday 29 January, where the girls played 5 matches and were undefeated!

U11 IAPS Netball Tournament

On Friday 28 January, the U11 netball team travelled to Rugby School for the IAPS Netball Tournament. The girls won all 5 matches in their round and won their quarter-final but were unfortunately defeated in the semi-finals by the eventual winners. It was a fabulous day and we are very proud.

Midlands Ski Club Winter League Update

Congratulations to Bea, who won a Silver medal in the U8 Midland Ski Club Winter League Race on Friday 14 January.

Bea missed out on Gold by a fraction of a second! She was disappointed not to achieve a hat-trick of Gold medals but was exceptionally gracious and enthusiastically congratulated the Gold medal winner. This shows true 'Squirrel Spirit'. Well done, Bea!

Midland Ski Club Winter League Update

Bea, skied to victory in the U8 Midland Ski Club Winter League Race on Friday 10 December, gaining a Gold medal! There are three more races to go this season so we wish Bea the best of luck.

IAPS National Finals

We finished last week on a high after taking the Year 6 hockey team to Millfield School where they competed in the IAPS National Finals. They gave their all out on the pitch. The determination and skill were brilliant throughout the tournament. After two wins, a draw and a loss, the girls gained themselves a place in the plate competition. They fought triumphantly but it was not to be. We are so proud of the girls and have no doubt they will continue to enjoy their hockey next year. 

We headed to RGS Worcester on Wednesday 1 December with our other Year 6 teams. What an exciting match this was. They came away with a 2-1 victory. The weather conditions were horrendous but the girls carried on playing with a smile on their face and showed amazing resilience.  

Skiing To Success!

Congratulations to Bea, who came 1st in the U8 category and Darcey, who came 3rd in the U10 category at the Midlands Ski Club Winter league event on Friday 19 November. Their race timings were fast and it was a hugely exciting event for all competitors of the Foundation Ski Squad. Well done!

Sporting News

We have had a brilliant week of sport!

A big well done to all the girls who spent last weekend in London competing in the I.S.G.A gymnastics competition. There was so much flare and finesse shown by everyone.

We had lots of hockey fixtures this week. It is lovely to see so many girls enjoying sport and being so committed to club.

We started Monday morning with a fabulous Year 3 fixture against Winchester House and Crackley Hall School. It was incredible to see the girls put everything they have learnt into games. There were so many goals and excellent determination shown by all.

On Wednesday 17 November, our Year 6’s played The Croft at home. What a fabulous fixture this was. Both the A and B team were victorious and it was a tough game for both sides. The Croft really challenged the girls and it was great to see them step up.

The U10's headed over to The Manor on Thursday evening and they showed excellent determination and resilience throughout their games.

Good luck to the girls heading to cross country on Friday, netball on Saturday, and skiing on Sunday!

The Latest Hockey News

We had a fantastic week of sport for the girls at Warwick Prep this week. The Year 6 A & B team played against Fairfield Prep School. The A team came away with a 3-1 loss, however, they played some brilliant hockey in preparation for IAPS National Finals. The B team were victorious with a 5-2 win! A special mention to Harriet for scoring all 5 goals, amazing! The teams said, "It was an excellent match and the other team gave us a good challenge. Our passes were strong and we used the space well. Mostly, we all just had a lot of fun!"

On Thursday 11 November, some of the Year 5 team made a trip to play Manor Prep at Tilsley Park. Once again it was fantastic to see so many girls playing and enjoying hockey. Lots of goals were scored and the determination and resilience shown by all was amazing. We are so proud of all the girls.

We wish our Gymnasts the best of luck this weekend as they are travelling down to London to compete on both days!

On the slopes with the Ski Squad

On Sunday 7 November, the Foundation Ski Squad had a Ski Race training session at Swadlincote Dry Ski Slope. 38 skiers from across the Foundation attended with the ‘now established’ core of skiers being kept on their toes by 15 further students attending for the first time. The morning was spent working on technical skiing under the watchful eyes of the coaches from Midland Ski Club and then in the afternoon, the focus switched to skiing slalom on ‘gated’ and ‘stubby’ courses. There was significant improvement by all skiers during the day and the next session is not far away.

Congratulations to those in the Ski Squad who raced in the Midland Ski Club Championships on Friday 5 November. It was a great experience with all the Foundation skiers performing well. Special praise goes to Bea, who placed 2nd in the U8 category.

A Wonderful Week of Hockey

We had another successful week of sport at Warwick Prep, with over 100 girls playing in hockey fixtures.

On Tuesday 2nd November, there was some excellent hockey played and lots of goals scored when Year 4 took on Manor Prep at home. It was amazing to have so many supporters and the whole Year group representing the school.

Year 6 played against Crackley Hall at lunchtime on Wednesday 3rd November. It was great to come away with a win but it was even better to see so many girls enjoying playing hockey in the sunshine! The girls showed brilliant grit and determination throughout the match.

U11 Hockey Team through to National Finals

What a week for Hockey! The squad girls took to the pitch at Formarke Hall School on Saturday 9th October. A fabulous tournament and lovely time had by all. They narrowly missed the next round, due to goal difference. However, they came away with lots of new tactics and a better understanding of tournament play, ready for IAPS on Wednesday.

U11 Hockey Team in IAPS National Finals

IAPS (Independent Association of Prep Schools) - The big tournament of the Prep School calendar and what a day it was! With 5 wins and 1 draw in the first round the girls had already put on a fantastic performance. Coming first in our group was well deserved. Onto to the semi’s they went, this was the crucial match of the day, and it was nail bitingly tense! Whoever won this match would be awarded a place at the IAPS national finals at Millfield School. They did not disappoint, what a wonderful show of hockey! Flo made some brilliant saves and Charlotte scored a spectacular goal, the final whistle was music to all our ears, they did it! Of to the nationals we go. One more game to play, the final of the day. The girls finished the day with a tremendous effort against Bluecoat School, at full time it was 0-0 and both side fought brilliantly. Next, 5 minutes of extra time, with a difference... a golden goal. If a team score, they will automatically win whether the time is up or not! With 30 seconds to go a short corner was blown against us, the girls defended their goal valiantly but in the last 10 seconds they conceded. We are so proud of all the girls and the grit and determination they have demonstrated.

Also on Wednesday, we took some very excited girls to Eversfield Preparatory School to play a hockey fixture. Playing four separate games against their mixed boys and girls A and B teams, our girls showed an increase in confidence, understanding and level of performance as the evening progressed. This culminated in a fantastic win in their final match and was followed by much appreciated hot dogs and cookies and smiles on all faces.

In equestrian news, Mila and Daisy May performed spectacularly over Mila's first cross-country course in slippery conditions.