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Meet The Team

Name: Mrs Ward

Role: Wellbeing Ambassador Lead

Likes: Children, murder mysteries and crochet

Dislikes: Cotton wool, fast walkers and stairs with no back

Random fact: I am a keen archer



Name: Mrs Murden

Role: Wellbeing Ambassador Lead

Likes: Family, fudge and dogs

Dislikes: Ironing and snakes

Random fact: I can play the flute and piano




Name: Katherine

Role: Wellbeing Ambassador

Likes: Sailing and skiing

Dislikes: Chewing gum of any sort

Random fact: I have a dog called Todd



Name: Zoe

Role: Wellbeing Ambassador

Likes: Bubble tea and plushies

Dislikes: Chicken and football

Random fact: I have a dog called Kit Kat



Name: Cara

Role: Wellbeing Ambassador

Likes: Cats, mac and cheese and swimming

Dislikes: Spiders, snakes and milk

Random fact: I have autism



Name: Penelope

Role: Wellbeing Ambassador

Likes: I really like dogs, sweets, my family and seeing people be happy, as well as cross country and my friends (my new team of Wellbeing Ambassadors).

Dislikes: Unkindness, seeing dogs hurt and mint

Random fact: I used to have blonde hair


Name: Maggie

Role: Wellbeing Ambassador

Likes: Sports, English, running, art, reading and eating in restaurants with my family

Dislikes: Spiders, rainy weather, prawns and bullying

Random fact: I’m double-jointed, play golf and have two older sisters


Name: Khadeejah

Role: Wellbeing Ambassador

Likes: I love arts and crafts and my favourite foods are sushi and noodles

Dislikes: I do not like spiders and I have a fear of blood

Random fact: I can make a 3-leaf clover with my tongue



Name: Shan

Role: Wellbeing Ambassador

Likes: Tennis, music, reading, drawing and helping people

Dislikes: Cleaning, swimming and being bored

Random fact: I love playing musical instruments



Name: Ayla

Role: Wellbeing Ambassador 

Likes: Food, hamsters, family and friends 

Dislikes: Toffee and dogs 

Random fact: I know how to tap dance



Name: Kylie

Role: Wellbeing Ambassador 

Likes: Ramen, udon, siu mai, fish and chips, pizza, dogs, birds, deer and family 

Dislikes: Bugs 

Random fact: I love playing tennis 



Name: Sophia

Role: Wellbeing Ambassador 

Likes: Sport, playing my harp, crafts, playing board games and spending time with my family and friends 

Dislikes: Mushrooms, being really hot, courgettes, early mornings, but most of all – people being mean to each other 

Random fact: I had a home water birth – maybe that is why I love swimming and other water sports so much 

Name: Eleanor

Role: Wellbeing Ambassador 

Likes: Dogs and football 

Dislikes: Spiders and cherries 

Random fact: I have a dog called Alfie