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Kindness Is Our Superpower!

Kindness and care for others is probably one of the most important social skills a child can learn in life. On Wednesday 8 February 2023, our wonderful Wellbeing Ambassadors led an assembly launching their very first whole school event – ‘Kindness is our Superpower!’. They shared how everyone can play a part in continuing to make Warwick Prep a safe, happy community for all its members whether they are a pupil, a cleaner, a member of the office team, a teacher or a Lunchtime Supervisor.

The Wellbeing Ambassadors began by reading aloud a story to their captive audience entitled, ‘Kindness is my Superpower.’ They shared how a little boy, named Lucas, learnt all about kindness. Lucas first teased his classmate, Lisa, for wearing glasses and then later was haunted with regrets. Noticing his depressed mood, Lucas’ mother asked him about what had happened in school. She also explained what kindness means: “Kindness is shown when you say a gentle word. Be kind to your sister, and even a bird.” The next day, Lucas changed his ways. He thanked mother for making breakfast. He invited a new student to sit next to him. Most importantly, he apologised to Lisa. Through the story, the Wellbeing Ambassadors were able to list areas of life where one can show kindness and compassion; at home, at school, out and about, at the playground, parks and nature.

The message they were so beautifully able to share was that being kind is really its own reward. Helping others is simply the best thing to do and when you are kind, kindness comes back to you. They also focused on how the theme of Children’s Mental Health Week (6 - 12 February), ‘Let’s Connect’ was all about making meaningful connections for everyone, and how being kind to one another is a way in which we can all connect and make a difference.

The Wellbeing Ambassadors then invited the pupils to take part in completing a ‘Kindness Bingo Challenge’. All pupils received a ‘Kindness Bingo Card’ with eight/twelve acts of kindness listed and the pupils were encouraged to complete each act of kindness and then colour in the bingo square. Once all tasks have been completed, each pupil will be awarded a ‘Heart of Kindness’ which will form part of a very special display for our whole school community to see.

There was quite a buzz of excitement as our pupils led out of the assembly with the final message being….In a world where you can be anything, be…..KIND!

Many thanks to our Wellbeing Ambassadors for their energy and commitment to the role and indeed to their very first whole school event.