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Mathematics is the brain's sharpener.

Angeliza Ampeloquio


Our principal aim is to nurture in our pupils a love of Mathematics.  It is a subject that is vital for everyday life, and we want our children to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding that will help them to appreciate how Mathematics fits into our world.  In this way, we ensure that our pupils will develop a fascination for, and a real sense of enjoyment of, the subject.


We recognise that individuals learn at different rates and continually adapt our teaching to offer suitable challenges so that our pupils will grow in their confidence and enjoyment of the subject.

In the Pre-Prep department the children are encouraged to handle a wide variety of practical resources so that they can grow in their understanding and discover links between different areas of the subject. Problem solving is used to help our children discover new ideas and concepts.  By the end of Year 2, we strive to create a solid foundation for the boys as they move onto their next school and for the girls as they enter the Prep department.

Problem solving is used to help our children discover new ideas and concepts. Children are encouraged to share their ideas and are nurtured to become independent in their thinking.  A wide variety of resources are used to create a deep understanding of the subject to provide a solid foundation for later study and successful preparation for their entrance examinations to a wide variety of senior schools, including scholarship examinations.