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Religious Education

Rivers, ponds, lakes and streams - they all have different names, but they all contain water.  Just as religions do - they all contain truths.

Mohammed Ali


The aim of Religious Education at Warwick Prep is to enable pupils to understand the nature of religion, beliefs and practice, from which will come a tolerance and respect for other cultures and faiths.  Our pupils learn from religions in addition to gaining knowledge and understanding about religions.


Throughout the school RE is taught as a discrete subject.  Great emphasis is placed on making the subject interesting and accessible to all children using as many varied teaching methods as possible. Most lessons begin with a religious story being read, watching a video clip, reviewing Internet research or facts being shared about a festival or religious practice.  Discussion plays a key role in aiding the pupils understanding of the topics and themes being studied.  Following this, pupils produce written work, act out short role plays or show their thoughts using artistic expression.

What will my child study?

  • Year 1 - Gifts from God, New Beginnings, Christianity.
  • Year 2 - Hinduism, Change, Stories and Parables Jesus Told.
  • Year 3 - Rules and Responsibility, Water in Religion, Special Places.
  • Year 4 - Old Testament Characters, Judaism, The Natural World in Religion.
  • Year 5 - Buddhism and Sikhism Studies.
  • Year 6 - Bible Study, Islam, Journeys and Pilgrimage, Moving On.