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Online Safety

Girls in our Prep Department have been learning about online safety and have been putting together some of their top tips.

Year 6 thought carefully about the reliability of online information and whether information posted on websites, adverts and social media can be verified. They wrote a three point checklist for people surfing the web to help them when deciding if a site is trustworthy:

Annabel K, in 6CM, suggested:

  1. Where did the information come from? 
  2. Does it sound like it could be real? 
  3. Who wrote the article, where was it published? 


Jasmine, in 6CM, suggested some simple checks you can do:

  1. Where did it come from? 
  2. Does it sound realistic? 
  3. Is it on other websites? 


Nancy in 6SW had some great ideas about what to do to report misinformation on an online platform? 

Press the report button or tell a trusted adult so then they can do something about it. You can always report or block a user by contacting the platform. 


Year 4 focused on online identities and we discussed creating avatars rather than using personal profile pictures on online sites. The girls had a go at creating an avatar for themselves: