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Fair Rules and House Points

Fair Rules

Unique to Warwick Prep are our Fair Rules. These Fair Rules, made by the children and adults together, are at the very heart of the life at the school.  You will see the large signs around the school. 

We also have Fair Rules jigsaw pieces dotted about the school, popping up in different places to remind each and every one of us (yes, adults too) that we all have to abide by them!  Children can even earn themselves a Fair Rules sticker with the rule they managed to follow printed on it.

House Points System

We have a long history of house competitions and events at Warwick Prep for our four houses; Dudley, Greville, Rich and Beaumont (named after the four families that have lived at Warwick Castle) and in the last year we re-launched our rewards system with a particular focus on the House Points System. We now have a House Point Board and 'collection boxes' where, as pupils receive house point tokens, they can be dropped straight into these collection boxes.  Points are awarded by staff for hard work in class, good manners, kindness to fellow pupils and generally following the Fair Rules.

At the end of each week, the winning house is announced in assembly and a cup is presented to the House Captain. At the end of each term, the overall winners are presented with the termly cup and all the children in the winning house receive a treat.  Please see the 'Latest News' page to read about the most recent winner's treat.

Each term, new House Captains and Deputy House Captains are selected from our Year 6 girls, and their responsibilities include selling raffle tickets, helping to organise House charity initiatives and rallying around to create a sense of House camaraderie.  A House Representative from Year 2 is also selected to assist in some duties.