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Back in the Science Labs

It has been wonderful to have the children back in the Science labs. Year 3 girls have been investigating the strength of different magnets and making magnetic games. While Year 4 have been exploring a variety of physical and chemical changes from burning paper to melting ice. Year 5 have been making models of blood and Year 6 have investigated the importance of hand washing, and actually saw the microbial grown on agar plates.

Science Week Highlights

How serendipitous that Science Week and returning to school coincided! All of the girls in Years 3 - 6 spent their first Science lesson investigating the melting properties of milk, dark and white chocolate. Sadly the results have been very inconclusive, so Mrs Charl and Miss Wilby have suggested that the children continue this investigation at home!

RHE also enjoyed celebrating Science week.  Hattie brought in a bird skeleton that she had found to share with the class, who enjoyed discussing how birds’ bones are different to humans.  They also enjoyed the chocolate experiment organised by Mrs Charl.  RHE used scientific language, thinking about predictions, fair tests and results whilst using their hands to melt three different types of chocolate.  It was very messy and great fun!