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News from Cyber Cyril

1 in 4 teenagers receives unwanted inappropriate messages online.* Has Cyril got your attention?

Since the start of the pandemic the amount of ‘self-generated’ abuse imagery has increased dramatically, 77% on the previous year! In 80% of the cases, the victims were 11-13 year old girls in their own homes!**

Cyber Cyril has been learning all about TALK this week. This new initiative from the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) helping parents and carers to become aware of the risks of online abuse. Cyril believes we need to help empower our children to raise awareness of online exploitation and sites such as Gurls Out Loud are helping to do just that.

IWF have outlined their T.A.L.K strategy and guidelines:

  • Talk to your child about online abuse. Listen to your child’s concerns and start the conversations.
  • Agree ground rules about the way you use technology as a family.
  • Learn about the platforms and apps your child loves. Take an interest in their online life.
  • Know how to use the tools, apps and settings that can help your child to keep safe online.

Please take the time to view the videos and read the information attached. You may want to share some of the information with your child and start a conversation. Do read through the attached Parent’s guide too to help make the online world safer for our children.

*Childnet, deSHAME Executive Summary

**Data from IWF – Internet Watch Foundation; Childnet