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Geography explains the past, illuminates the present and prepares us for the future. What could be more important than that?

Michael Palin


Planet Earth is our home. It is awesome, diverse, inspiring and ever-changing.  At Warwick Prep we are passionate about discovering how our world works and what impact humans are having on its fragile existence.  The Geography department aims to stimulate a sense of enquiry, which along with important geographical skills, will allow pupils to develop knowledge of places, an awareness of patterns and processes, and an understanding of environmental change and sustainable development.


Our pupils develop their knowledge and interest of the world around them through studying a range of stimulating and exciting topics.  These topics include learning about different countries when studying China, France, the Arctic and the Rainforests.  They investigate Geographical features in the topics of Volcanoes and Mountains, and in each year group they work to develop and extend their map skills.

Our Geography curriculum also encompasses work related to sustainability and the environment.

Learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom to provide children with opportunities to use geographical skills and resources such as maps, atlases, aerial photographs and ICT to answer their questions. A wide range of educational visits extends and enhances the curriculum; this includes an exciting three day residential trip to Naturesbase in Wales in Year 4 and a week long visit to the Cranedale in Year 6.

What will my child study?

  • Year 1 - Weather and Seasons, Antarctica and Map skills.  
  • Year 2 - Kenya, Transport and the Seaside.  
  • Year 3 - China, Warwick and Recycling.  
  • Year 4 - Volcanoes and Sustainability.  
  • Year 5 - Map skills, the Arctic and Fairtrade.  
  • Year 6 - Rainforests and Rivers.