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Weekend Workouts

Each week we will be providing a weekend workout to help keep our children active. There will also be a skills video recorded by our captains for the Prep girls, a sporting challenge to give a go!

Please follow the Warwick Prep Sport Twitter, @WPS_Sport, to see the fantastic weekly challenges and skills videos.   

Fixture for Fitness

Try our next challenge too which is a fixture against other Schools. See how many of each of the exercises below you can do in a minute! Some of our Wonderful year 6 girls have done video tutorials for each exercise. 

Timed event of how many of each exercise per minute.

Please send your results to Miss Clark to enter into the virtual fixture! 

 1. Squats 



2. Power Jacks 



3. Jumping Lunges – alternating legs 



4. Butterfly Sit-ups 



5. Burpee 



6. Straight arm plank – in/out 



7. Walk out / inch worm 



8. Up-down plank




Chipper Challenge:

We would love to see some scores for our chipper challenge! 



A Chipper Workout is a series of exercises, you must work through the list of exercises and you cannot go onto the next one until you have finished the reps on the exercise you are on. Start the timer when you begin the first exercise and stop it after you finish the last rep on the final one.

 • 50 Air Squats

 • 30 Lateral jumps 

• 25 Butterfly sit ups 

• 15 alternating lunges

 • 10 Burpees 

• 5 Power Jacks