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Second Hand Uniform

The WPSA Second Hand Uniform Shop offers Warwick Prep parents the facility to sell or buy nearly new items of school uniform. We pride ourselves on selling high quality second hand garments at a fair price which is often a fraction of the cost of new.  

Our Uniform Shop is open several times during the school term and payment can be made with cash, cheques and credit/debit cards.  Please see below for confirmed dates.

The WPSA Uniform Shop sells certain items on behalf of parents, for these items the seller receives 70% of the selling price, and WPSA retains 30% to cover administration costs and also to make donations to school projects and WPSA charities. For the remaining items of uniform that are not sold on behalf of parents, we welcome donations, where WPSA receives 100% of the selling price. Please see the 'WPSA Uniform Shop - Items list' pdf below for a full breakdown of uniform that can and can't be sold on behalf of parents.

Payments are issued to individual sellers twice per year, in January and July when the total amount exceeds £10. Any amount under £10 will be held over and added to the next payment.  Payments are by online banking.  If you sell through the shop and have not yet submitted your banking details please download and complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming Uniform Sales

  • Saturday 1 July, 9.30am-12pm in the Main Hall. Please pre-book your arrival time using the following link
  • Wednesday 6 September, 9am-11.30am in the School Dining Room

Selling Uniform

If you wish to sell any of the approved items in the Uniform Shop, please read through the guidelines and links below.

Please ensure that all items are freshly laundered and in good NEARLY NEW condition. We do not accept anything that is torn, stained, damaged or with missing buttons. 

Uniform can be handed in at any of our Sales or dropped off at one of our designated sessions.

Please do not leave uniform at the school office at present.

Please drop off uniform OUTSIDE school at the Foyer Door (T) under the canopy on the following days:

  • Wednesday 21 June, 3.15pm-4.15pm 
  • Tuesday 27 June, 7.45am-8.45am

It is very important that these times are adhered to as the caretakers will be ready to bring it inside on these days - any uniform dropped off later than this will not be included in the next sale.

Please click below to read our Guidelines for Sellers:

Please click below to read our Pricing Guidelines for Sellers:

We have developed new labels, which will be easier to complete and will also reduce the admin burden on volunteers.  Please download the spreadsheet below and follow the steps in the instructions on the first sheet to complete your details.  Your labels will be generated automatically on the second sheet, which you can then print out, cut up and attach with safety pins - not pins or staples. Once complete please save the spreadsheet as detailed in the instructions, and email it to us at, which will eliminate the need for us to manually enter each item into our master stock sheet when we receive your uniform.

Please click below and complete the banking details form so that we can process the payments:

Contacts: To contact the WPSA Second Hand Uniform Shop Representatives, please contact the Warwick Prep school office on 01926 491545 or email